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Welcome To Two Worlds - Prelude



These are unprecedented times. The human race has never been so connected, and simultaneously so far removed from our essence. We’ve never had so much abundance alongside such incredible concentrations and disparities of wealth. We hold the promise of science taking us to other planets, yet our behaviors and conflicts threaten the future of the world we call home. The opportunities and challenges of our time call for us to tap into timeless wisdom, and also for us to write a brand new chapter and claim our place in history.

These times call for new heroes.

And not one or two or even ten. We need heroes everywhere. We need as many heroes as we can get.

The good news is, everyone has a hero within them.

You are on a journey, unlike any other person on Earth, and yet, you are not alone. You have unique gifts, perspectives, and value to give to this world. You also have antagonists (some of your own making) to deal with. You have already overcome some of them.

You are navigating a world that the heroes of our past never had to deal with. The everyday assaults on our mental and physical well-being are without analog to anything our ancestors experienced. Technology has exponentially escalated the possibilities of our nature, both good and bad, faster than guidance on how to deal with it has developed.

And you are here, living in this truly epic era.

If your journey is one of the greatest stories never told, let’s change that.

One of the world’s greatest sages was a man named Joseph Campbell. He codified the experience of the hero through analysis of the world’s myths into what he called “The Monomyth” or more popularly known as “The Hero’s Journey.” The basic narrative pattern Campbell found was:

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered, and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his/her fellow humans.”

We’ve all taken this journey throughout our lives, but at some point in adulthood, the “world of the common day” creates a strong pull on our psyche, and we may question the existence of “a region of supernatural wonder.” When we do this, we forget about the hero within us.

When we don’t embrace the hero within, we don’t become the villain; instead, we are likely to embody the victim.

But that’s ok because all heroes at some point reject the notion of the ‘other world.’ That’s why a mentor always appears before the hero commits to cross the threshold into the other world.

Now, I offer myself to you as a peer mentor into the world of maximizing your Creative Power®.

In this world, we focus on a set of pillars that are both timeless and modern in efficacy. Each pillar is powerful on its own, but when they are all combined, they lift the inner hero up and unlock the story that the world desperately needs to hear.

Those pillars are:

  1. Well-being
  2. Innovation
  3. Drive
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Openness

We distill these pillars into the shorthand phrase “W.I.D.E. Open.” We seek to live life in a “Wide Open” way, and whenever any one of us says “Wide Open” to another, we know exactly what we mean.

This newsletter used to be my journal called The Grind. It was how I discovered these pillars and unlocked my story. It was how I found my inner hero. You can read that entire journal on my website here. If you want to quickly know my story to make sure I’m worthy of being a mentor to you, you can find it here.

This newsletter is now called “Two Worlds.”

Two Worlds is a weekly message for modern-day heroes.

Modern-day heroes like you.

That, my friend, was your call to adventure. And also me saying “I see you.”

Should you choose to continue on, the next message you receive from me will dive into the pillars of Creative Power®. I hope to help you do your best work and continue to craft your most meaningful life. That’s my new adventure.

Thanks for your time, I’m grateful for your attention.

Have a grateful day, hero.