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Our Books

Creative Power publishes books that to inspire and teach creators who choose to thrive independently.

Create and Orchestrate

In Create and Orchestrate, Marcus walks you through his unlikely journey from waiting tables to building companies. He demystifies much of what keeps people from pursuing entrepreneurship and explains why it’s the only vocation that allows you to control your time by using your creativity. When you control your time, you can claim your full power by matching up what you’re great at with the problems you see in the world.

The world needs more entrepreneurs who can offer fresh solutions. Create and Orchestrate will give you the confidence to say: Why not me?

Purchase Create and Orchestrate on Amazon or get signed copies at our store.

Create and Orchestrate was named the #1 Book to Overcome Your Entrepreneurial Fears, by Entrepreneur Magazine:

"If Marcus Whitney can go from a college dropout without a place to call home to one of Nashville’s most exciting entrepreneurs in just two decades, there’s nothing stopping you from forging a path entirely your own. Create and Orchestrate tells Whitney’s incredible story and offers some of his invaluable insights, ensuring that everyone who reads it walks away with a deeper understanding of how to make their dreams a reality."