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Two Worlds 19: Numbers and Narrative


Hello Hero,

There is much talk about fear these days.

Some focus on the fear of the growth of the virus from inadequate preventative measures, while others center on the use of fear to improperly limit our activity, thus destroying our economy. This moment is teaching us that even with a single set of numbers that we depend on for life or death decisions, we can still be divided in our interpretation of those numbers. Fear plays a leading role in this phenomenon.

This is a macro-level instance of a human paradigm, but it also takes place in your life, at the micro-level.

You have a big opportunity right now.

Many narratives that we held up out of fear are either dead or dying right in front of our eyes. Of course, we grieve that which we were familiar with and made us comfortable. Many things have been lost temporarily, creating a sense of greater appreciation for them, and tragically many people lost forever that we mourn, holding their memory as a blessing.

Yet the world we knew so well had many institutions of power that used numbers and narratives as mechanisms of control. Many, if not most, of those institutions are crippled now. The “force majeure” clause of their contract with us has been triggered, and while they are no longer “taking care of us,” we are free.

What are you doing with that freedom?

Do you realize that you can now say what you’ve always believed because the risk of doing so is greatly diminished? Do you sense that it’s time to practice working through the numbers and owning the narrative, and collaborating with others who do the same?

Or are you still living in fear of the system that has already fallen right before our very eyes?

Beware your inclination to accept narratives of others being pushed right now.

Do your own math and write your own story. There has never been a better time in the history of humankind to do so.

Have a grateful day.