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The World Of Expertise and Marketing Agencies with David C. Baker


Today on #MWL, I talk to David C. Baker, who joins me to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, his fifth book, "Business of Expertise," and his next book on the way, about the tradecraft of being a great advisor.

David is a friend and someone who I have really admired for the depth of knowledge he has in particular areas I like to like bounce around a lot of different stuff and that that that's fun to me.

I've done pretty well in my career I reached out to and hired David C. Baker to help me kind of think through this marketing agency idea that I had. And he forced me to spend eight hours with him and he started pulling out all these charts of thousands of different agencies that he had evaluated and he created his own model his own intellectual property.

He's written multiple books on that topic on business management, on the business of expertise which is one of things we're talking about today and he's just he's a fascinating guy but he's also someone who I do can consider - in a world of people who dabble - to be a true expert so I'm really happy to have my friend David on the show.

I hope you enjoy it and learn from it.