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How To Have An Understanding Of The Stock Market Post COVID with Charles Winfrey


On #MWL, Charles Winfrey, CEO of The Rollover Company, joins me to talk about the post-COVID-19 Environment in the Stock Market and Business. We also talked about his book, "Rollover Mistakes Retirees Make."

We talk about:
- Transforming into an author
- How long it takes to write your first book
- Gaining a new perspective on life and content creation on a daily basis
- How to get great at the Stock Market right now
- The difference between investing and trading

A few insights from Charles on the recent success of the Stock Market:
- We are seeing the affect of $2.5 Trillion pumped into the economy.
- We are also seeing the affect of the expectation of more coming.
- We cannot ignore how many people are still unemployed.
- We cannot ignore how many industries will not be the same.
- We are still in uncertain times.