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Two Worlds 20: Break Point



A note on breaking points.

If we knew when they’d arrive, we’d do what we could to avoid them.

They are unpleasant, even to think about, so we don’t prepare much for them.

They usually have to do with the things we feel most insecure about.

When the breaking point arrives, two things happen.

First, we breakdown.

We feel weak, vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed.

Then somehow, we realize that these feelings only lead to more of the same, and we tap into the one thing we need to make meaning of the breaking point: courage.

Real courage is found at the bottom, not the top.

Courage empowers us to speak our truth. To admit our shortcomings. To be vulnerable.

And then, we breakthrough.

We become a new version of ourselves, upgraded. Forged in fire, we are better for having been broken down.

Breaking points are likely to increase these days. Remember that on the other side of the breakdown, there is a breakthrough waiting for you.

Wishing you courage at your next bottom, and a grateful week ahead.