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Two Worlds 16: Beyond Luck and Misfortune



We are living in times that demand the recognition of luck and misfortune.

Who was traveling internationally when we were most unsuspecting of COVID-19, while it was quickly making its way across the globe? Who works in an industry that was swiftly crippled by the necessary quarantine we are in today? Is there any doubt that some of us have suffered outsized misfortune in recent days?

What about the rest of us? We may be living a less than ideal life, and we certainly are making sacrifices. But are we truly victims of misfortune?

World War II, The Holocaust, The Black Plague & America’s enslavement of Africans are but a sample of long, dark periods in history where millions of lives were lost. Danger has always been part of the human story, and we can not wish it away.

We also can not cite our skill as the reason for our success and misfortune alone as the source of our misery. Luck and skill are joined in greatness just as missteps and misfortune are in ruin.

Therefore, our responsibility is to keep perspective. To remember, this is our chapter in this epic story where we get to keep humanity going. We honor this moment by focusing on honing our skills, acknowledging that COVID-19 has multiplied misfortune for many, but not allowing it to define what we are capable of.

When misfortune is so prevalent, of course, you have to be careful. But you still have to create, and now more than before, you have to be courageous.

Don’t just navigate these turbulent waters. Build. Make. Inspire. Uplift.

Do not concede. You have within you the ability to evolve, to adapt, and to overcome.

We need you to show up today and tomorrow and the next day. When you show up, we know we will make it through this. And when you need a break, we’ll carry the load while you catch your breath.

Let’s use this moment to take humankind to another level. Have a grateful day.

PS – My book, ‘Create and Orchestrate,’ is coming very soon. It would be an honor to have your help in letting people know when that time comes. I believe it could not have arrived at a more critical time.