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Two Worlds 21: Atonement At The Abyss


Hello Hero,

We are looking into the abyss right now.

We’ve been jolted into an understanding that our entire lives were leading up to this moment. And now, we are being called to act primarily on faith. We are compelled to shed a version of ourselves that once protected us but now is utterly useless.

There’s no point in sitting in shame; we’ve all made mistakes.

This is the decision point. This is the time to act from your gut. This is your hero’s journey.

What do you stand for?

For so many right now, what holds them back is their ego. It’s useless, but it’s what they are clinging to. An idea of themselves, costumed and perfumed by the world we once knew, crumbling right before our very eyes.

It’s dying. Good riddance.

We have time to atone now. We can resolve the pain of living out lies that didn’t serve us. We are moving towards a more honest existence.

It’s scary because it’s the unknown, the abyss. You don’t know what’s on the other side. You just know what’s over here, under your heels with your toes hanging off the edge.

Even though this world is turning into dust, it’s the dust you knew. Who are you if not a survivor in that world of inequity and despair that we were collectively indifferent to?

That’s what you have the great honor of finding out, right now.

Everything was leading up to now, and everything ahead moves from this point. Therefore, choose your actions at this moment with that understanding. Faith weighs more today than it did yesterday.