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Two Worlds 11: Allowing Purpose To Win


Hello hero,

You're here again, for another day in the world-altering shift, that is the arrival of COVID-19.

Like you, I am processing a spectrum of feelings. I am working through debates in my head. I am bracing myself.

Here's where I've landed.

I intend to support people wherever possible. I know that given the events of the moment, I will make mistakes, but my trust in my intent allows me to move forward with my work.

Even with something as simple as this newsletter, I have to assume that someone who reads it is affected in a very significant way by COVID-19. Perhaps I'm talking about you.

If you are subscribed here, and reading now, I am trusting that you want me to do what I set out to do. To do my best to inspire you to rise to the occasion, even in these trying times. I am trusting that you know that I know that the foundation under us is shaky, but whether those tremors stop today or in two years, at some point, we will rebuild.

To that end, I will speak hope and energy into that eventual rebuilding moment. If this is too much for you, I understand. It's almost too much for me.

But I've decided to anchor in my purpose. I've decided to let my purpose win the war of who gets say in how I respond at this moment. Yes, I'm worried. Yes, I'm preparing and re-projecting and adjusting.

But I am not yet retreating.

Instead, I took this weekend as a time to get real clarity on that purpose. I drafted my life's philosophy: The Creative Power Manifesto.

If there was ever a time to be crystal clear on how one intends to live their life, I think it's right now. I've said over and over that I am here on Earth to inspire people to claim their Creative Power.

But what do I mean when I say that?

I answered that question for myself in this manifesto. And I've published it for you to read, and to do what I said I'm here to do. There's no time like now to make an earnest attempt at fulfilling our purpose.

I encourage you to consider your life philosophy and invite you to read mine, taking whatever you find valuable from it. If nothing else, hopefully, you find the fact that I drafted it inspiring.

We are finding out just how amazing we can be right now, and how much we matter to each other. Let's continue to be grateful for the good we are experiencing in this remarkably tragic time.

I am so very grateful for you,